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Ready for my comic book?
KIND ERA - Volume 1

My first Comicbook is out since the start of February!

If you´re interested in a piece, do not hesitate to contact me directly via email.

I´ll answer in a few days, I ship them world wide but be aware of the shipping costs.

Thank you for joining my journey!

For locals or the ones who want to make it on a more common platform:

Here the main Comicshop in Basel, Switzerland where I sell them directly.

Follow the button to their website!

Welcome to my website

I´m a person who loves words but is not always good at pronouncing them. That´s why I love writing, it makes it possible to talk without speaking. But by now I also can´t talk and write too much because every word more makes a subject more shallow.

I´m also a person of ration, I experience pictures and actions directly, they tell more about a beeing than words... so I hold myself back with too many expanding lines when describing me or my art.

I´m just creating and I mostly hate organizing my creative process because it just has to happen.

But if I´m not thinking about my process, I´m a very strict human who likes to be organized and prepared.

One could say my world of art is me trying to compensate the other half of myself, to keep balance.

So what inspires me and keeps me going?

I guess all the rich feelings and worlds I carry within me and see outside of my window. As seasons change, nature itself becomes my inspiration and if one day it is not, I let my inner world talk within my art. 

Everything which gives me a feeling of chaos or life inspires me.

Movement, sounds, touch, feelings.

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